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Jan 29: New home page was designed and uploaded. Additional things will be added as we go along.

Jan 26: Flashladybug blog was updated and recreated :-)

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Hah...thought you were getting links? Sorry, we lied. The Links are on the left hand side. Here is our random page where you will find obscure things.



Halo CE Maps:


Enlarged verson of Gulch, and its really fun, when you use both the outside and inside. The canyon walls can be used as perfect sniper hideouts. (22 mb) (Author Unkown)


Based on a Forerunner prison, its a well designed map featuring a new flying unit. The flyer has rockets, and a gun similar to that of a warthog gun. (30 mb) (Author:Mothergoat / Neuro ko neza)

A Bridge To Far Two bases separated by a long wreckage littered bridge. Best played with all vehicals for the heated battles on the bridge. Features 2 tanks, some warthogs, some ghosts and a flyable pelican. ( 17 mb) (Author: FireDragon04)

H2 Coagulation

H2 New Mombasa

H2 Zanzibar

All three maps are mods of Halo 2. Sadly, no dual weilding has been accomplished, but all weapons are integrated in it. The energy sword, beam rifle, and others are in all three. Ghosts with acceleration are in too. They are pretty big maps, and generally, if its 1v1, or small games, it will slow down...too many places to hide. (Coagulation Author:M4573R51337 , Mombasa Author:The Halo 2 CE team, Zanzibar Author: Unkown )


Starcraft brings you a Formal Re-enactment of Nuclear Disaster. (Not a TRUE re-enactment)

Orchestrated by your truly, the webmaster. This was done with only 1 cheat. Reveal map, for your own personal viewing pleasure. CLICK HERE (LARGE IMAGE)

World Of Warcraft Comics Brought to you by Flintlocke's Guide To Warcraft

  1. The Five Stages of Warcraft
  2. The Chuck Shot
  3. PSI Chuck Shot
  4. PSI Napkin
  5. A Very Flintlocke Christmas

The Results of My "Experiment"

Dead Technology 1
Dead Technology 2