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Latest news

Jan 29: New home page was designed and uploaded. Additional things will be added as we go along.

Jan 26: Flashladybug blog was updated and recreated :-)

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Welcome to Flashladybug


Flashladybug.com is home to the rather addicting ladybug animation found on the left. It is also the page where many tangential bits of media or information reside. Check out the ladybug animations, get the site blocked by your IT admin..., and then go to the Flashladybug Blog.

This site will be occasionally updated with more random tidbits, more photos to the gallery, and possibly a few new features that pop into mind. Most importantly, the blog is kept updated at the very least once every few days and preferably every day, although that won't happen at all times.

Our current "staff" consists of:


Brian (enuff said?)
Joe (Editor)
Mark (Blog poster)

Occasional Appearances:

(and of course...Schrodingers Cat)